Ordination in Malawi

Good news from father Cosmas SAC

We say a big congratulations to our brother newly ordained Rev Fr Richard Njanje SAC.  The ordination took place on July the 9th in  a 6 hours dance packed and animated mass with 6 others from the diocese. It also included 3 silver jubilee and 2 Golden Jubilee. So the weight of the celebration was very thick. If think Fr Njanje is little, you are mistaken because he was a giant among the other candidates. Though the mass was long, order and discipline flowed till the end.

Arsbishop Ziyaye gave me an uplifting welcome, introduced Fr Ildéphonse and Fr Ignacio and spoke about the mission to the overflowing audience. We welcome Fr Ildéphonse once again. He has blended very fast and already celebrating mass in chichewa.

Today was first Mass at Likuni, the home of four of our conferers. Fr Njanje was very coordinated and Fr John Mangwele preached very well. I was happy to meat the family of Br Martin Banda and the family of Late Fredrick that died in the Novitiate. The people showed good recognition of our presence.

It was a successful weekend.  Gives a lot of hope to our mission and we thank Fr Ignacio and the priests of Likuni for their work toward this.

Cosmas Chidi SAC ((10.07.16))


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