In the Beginning

Fr. Njanje about his first weeks as a Pallottine priest

I am glad to tell you that everything went on well in Malawi. I received a warm welcome wherever I went and the Bishop too was very happy to have me. I also enjoyed the company of my fellow priests, those I was ordained with. They were all kind to me especially in the one week retreat we had together. I felt much at home and I learnt many new things from them.

I also enjoyed preaching at my home parish, Likuni. I thought my Chichewa was not good enough for preaching but I received a lot of complements afterwards. People were very much touched and according to many, their souls were lifted up. I am glad I left a mark and a good one for that matter.

Then came the main event, the ordination. It all took 6 hours but one would not feel them because it was all interesting. There were more than 60 priests, two bishops and about 100 sisters who came. And I am not exaggerating if I say there were about 20 000 people who came to witness and even the leader of a big political party was there. So, it was really a big day. Seven of us were ordained priests, three were celebrating 25 years of priesthood and two Missionaries of Africa were celebrating 50 years of their religious vows.

After the ordination, I celebrated my first mass at my home parish, Likuni, on the 10th July and Fr Mangwele preached in that mass. Other Pallottines present were, Fr Bizimungu SAC, Fr Cosmas, and Fr Chiphiko. I felt very much supported by the presence of these brothers. The other following weeks I was also booked to celebrate masses in areas where I either studied of stayed. One mass was at my home village, my mother’s side and also at my father’s side. They were all happy to see their son celebrating mass for them.

Another important thing that I came across was that people wanted to know more about Pallottines because they wondered why I am different from other six priests, and young people were asking where they can follow to join Pallottines. So, little by little people are coming to know us. The bishop too made mention of the new mission at Kaphatika and introduced Frs Chiphiko and Bizimungu to the many people gathered.


God Bless you


‚Fr‘ R Njanje SAC

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