Examples of Faith

Vorbilder im Glauben - Pallottiner Bischof Heinrich Vieter

Bischof Heinrich Vieter

Missionary, bishop and one of the “fathers” of Christianity in Cameroon.

Pallottinerpater Franz Reinisch wurde 1942 hingerichtet, weil er den Fahneneid auf Hitler verweigerte

Pater Franz Reinisch

The Pallottine Father who refused to take an oath to Hitler and was executed in 1942.

Kämpfer gegen den Nazionalsozialismus: Pallottinerpater Richard Henkes starb 1945 im KZ Dachau. Die deutschen Pallottiner sehen in Pater Richard Henkes einen mutigen Kämpfer und Zeugen für den christlichen Glauben und einen Märtyrer der Nächstenliebe.

Pater Richard Henkes

The “martyr of charity” who died taking care of those infected with typhoid in the concentration camp of Dachau.

Vorbilder im Glauben - Elisabetta Sanna

Elisabetta Sanna

A contemporary witness and comrade of Saint Pallotti.

Pater Josef Jankowski

The Pallottine Father who died in the concentration camp of Dachau in 1941.

Pater Josef Stanek

A polish military cleric, executed by the SS in 1944.

Vorbilder im Glauben - Pallottiner Bruder Paul Krawczewicz

Brother Paul Krawczewicz

Died in the service of Polish forced laborers.

Vorbilder im Glauben - 5 Pallottiner-Märtyrer aus Argentinien

5 martyrs from Argentinia

Missionaries who were murdered – presumably for criticizing the military regime.


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