Connecting across boundaries

A spirituality which pulls down boundaries

Pallottine spirituality pulls down boundaries. Being a Christian means to make no differences in the openness towards others, to be all things to all people. Pallotti challenges us to respond to God’s infinite love in a boundless way. Therefore, the Pallottine ministries can be found at the heart as well as on the margins of the church, on the periphery of society, as well as in leading, highly responsible positions, or in science and research. Pallotti’s option for all commands us to seek both locally and globally that which unites the various world views than that which divides them.

Pallottines place themselves at the service of the unity of the human family as tools and instruments. This is a central task of the Church since the Second Vatican Council. Creating networks and cooperating is the core mandate of the Pallottine mission. Collaboration is not limited to members and friends or to Catholics, but goes far beyond and invites all people of goodwill.

This attitude leads to dialogue, even if the other side breaks it off. We must not and will never give up people and our relationship to them.

Spiritualität der Pallottiner - aufmerksam und weltzugewandt
Helfen in der Not


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