An einem Strang ziehen

Open and diverse

Pallotti's vision of a community for all

Involving everyone, valuing and promoting everyone’s abilities and gifts – this is part of the Pallottine profile. The diversity of people reveals something about God, since each person is an image of God, and yet no two images are alike. A symbol of the appreciation of diversity is found in the New Testament scene of women and men praying at Pentecost: the Spirit goes far beyond the space in which people are praying – the Spirit blows wherever it pleases.

Vincent Pallotti wanted a community […] fashined in such a way, that all Catholics, clergy and lay people, men and women, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, nobles and commoners, irrespective of their status, their profession and their wealth can take part in it. The Pallottines are a part of this open and diverse international association (UAC). This goes back to an inspiration which Vincent Pallotti had on January 9, 1835, as he was praying after the Eucharistic Celebration and meditating on the meaning of  the Feast of the Epiphany.

Gott im Alltag
Spiritualität der Pallottiner - offen und vielfältig

A community of such openness and diversity provides a firm foundation for different ways of life. In this Society of the Catholic Apostolate, brothers and priests live and work together. This togetherness is built on the wealth of the Christian tradition. Pallotti, who was well educated, drew from the breadth of the history of spirituality and included everything that seemed helpful to him or others. He was ahead of his time as he broke new ground and gave his community the task of being imaginative and innovative when it comes to the glory of God and the salvation of humanity and each individual.


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