UAC — our way of being church

A manifold global network of individuals, groups, laity, priests and religious communities – this is UAC. The Pallottines also form part of this network. This spiritual apostolic community was created by Vincent Pallotti with the aim of bringing people’s readiness and abilities together and to encourage and lead them to collaboration. For Pallotti, collaboration was the most divine of all gifts. Therefore, the UAC’s approach is characterized by being considerate, inclusive, fair and fraternal – our way of being Church.

UAC is the abbreviation for the Union of the Catholic Apostolate (from the Latin Unio Apostolatus Catholici). It has been recognized by the Vatican since 2003 as an international spiritual community and exists on every continent.

Life in the Union means to be connected to many Christians and to have international and local contacts, exchange, spiritual retreats, training events and the possibility of joint activities. In different countries and places, members are involved individually or collectively in different areas. The steps towards joining also differ depending on the country. Common to all, is the openness to change and dynamism and willingness to be changed and shaped in relationship to God and humanity.


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