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About us

We, the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, are a community embedded in a large international network called the Union of the Catholic Apostolate (UAC – from the Latin Unio Apostolatus Catholici). Our members are called Pallottines, taken from the name of our founder, Vincent Pallotti. We are united in the fascination with the infinite God. We are guided by our confidence in the communion of all people and the vision of a united humanity, which combines diversity and unity.

We are all created in God’s image and have in Jesus Christ a loving firstborn brother. We know ourselves closely linked with all people in their joy and sorrow, their hopes and fears. In all we do, we are aware of our responsibility for each other and the world. Our life wants to be a service in those places where it is most needed. We want to share in the concerns of all people, particularly the poor.

Helping through God’s infinite love

Our roles are as diverse as the talents of our confreres. Everyone brings his abilities to bear, which are complemented and completed in the others. We gladly work together with all people. All Christian concerns are significant to us. We try to respond to the concerns and needs of our contemporaries through the inspiration of the Christian faith. We understand our living and working together as brothers, and with others, as a special gift of God representing him in his Trinity. Therefore community has great meaning for us.


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What moves us, is the grateful wonder at the infinite love of a God who needs nothing and no one, and yet created the world and sustains it. We trust that it will lead us to a positive future. In it, God is present as he is present in every human being. For this reason, we repeatedly seek moments of silence to become aware of his presence in us. Our rule of life is the life of Jesus. Catholicity is the mark of our community, the openness to engage in anything that corresponds to the signs of the times in order to strengthen the trust of Christians in God, to promote global justice and to share the love of God everywhere.


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