Gruppenaufnahme der Pallottiner


We, the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, are a community within the framework of a big international network, the Union of the Catholic Apostolate (short: UAC – from the Latin Unio Apostolatus Catholici). Its members are also called Pallottines after their founder Vincent Pallotti. We are bound by the fascination of the infinite God and the mission to pass on the love we have experienced, like Jesus did, as an apostle – as a messenger of God.

Vinzenz Pallotti - unser Gründer

Saint Pallotti

It all started with a Roman priest and his idea of a community.

Gemeinsam leben - die Pallottiner

Living together

Living in a community means being part of a whole.

Unio der Pallottiner


“Everybody is called”: How Pallotti’s vision became an international network of dedicated Christians.

Pallottiner Köpfe - Portraits


Meet Pallottine figures and learn more about their very personal stories. New portraits (currently only German) will follow on a regularly basis.

Mission - Hilfsprojekte der Pallottiner

Pallottine Mission

Our mission: Making God visible through acts of love.


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Places to meet Pallottines in person

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