Angebote der Pallottiner - Gemeinsam für die Menschen


Like our founder,  Saint Vincent Pallotti, we are convinced that God desires and loves every single human being. That is why we try, within our numerous tasks, to help people succeed in life. We understand our dedication as a part of that engagement which many people of good do for the sake of humanity. In order to be able to do good for others means you have to know them, understand them and share life with them.

In spirit of the Second Vatican Council, Pallottines see it as part of their mission to give everything that is human room in their hearts. Even though we are very diverse characters, we want to live as a church and as a community united in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit. We feel ourselves connected to all, especially the needy.

Spirituelle Angebote der Pallottiner

Spiritual Offerings

We pray for you, Mass Association and more.

Pallottiner Medien Unterhaltung


We offer a variety of traditional and modern media for those with an interest in spirituality.

Gästehäuser der Pallottiner


Simple, but hearty, hospitality in Germany, Austria and Spain.

"Whoever is with God
is always well."
Vinzence Pallotti

"Hearts that possess love are
fit to receive all God's graces."
Vinzence Pallotti

„Consider what it means:
God dwells within you."
Vinzence Pallotti

"What I tell others to do,
I must first do myself!"
Vinzence Pallotti

"Whoever trusts in God
will not be confused.“
Vinzence Pallotti
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