Krippe in der Wüste

A ROOF over your head

All people need security and protection


In the Christmas story, Mary and Joseph are also looking for a roof over their heads to give them security and protection. Then as now, people experience that there is no place for them. We Pallottines want to give people the experience that they are accepted and welcomed. Just as we are invited to welcome Jesus.


Many children in India need a protective roof: the children who want to attend a functioning school, the street children who need a perspective, the orphans who are looking for a home. We Pallottines therefore build schools, boarding schools, children’s homes and orphanages.


When life is suddenly disrupted by illness or grief, or when soldiers have to go on armed service. This is when the soul seeks protection and security. And then we Pallottine chaplains want to be there – in the military chaplaincy as well as in the hospital.

Please help us to ensure that children can be taken in and that we can offer people a protective pastoral care roof.

People need a roof!

We ask you for donations for our projects

– A roof over the head, a roof for the soul – find out more about our current aid project –

Veronica Mary, bei der im Alter von drei Jahren Polio diagnostiziert wurde

Veronica Mary

The community at the Pallotti Shanthidhama in Dornahalli, India, has a healing effect



Struggling to survive alone and destitute on the streets

Krankenhausseelsorger Pater Klaus Schäfer SAC

Pater Klaus Schäfer

He wants to stretch a protective roof over people

Pater Roman Fries SAC
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