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The Pallottine mission focus for 2016:
Incredible India – India needs people who care

Support the Pallottines’ work and help our projects in India.

Getting access to education, which is taken for granted in Germany, has seemingly insurmountable obstacles for the poor children of India.

Insurmountable, because despite the cultural diversity in India, there are many things which divide the people. One obstacle is poverty: Many people have one-day jobs. Every fifth person in India has less than 80 rupees daily income ($1.20, €1). Half of all infants are underweight. Every day is a new fight for survival. 100% of children are enrolled in school, but by age 15 only half still attend school.

Another obstacle is the often strict separation between castes, social classes and religions: Many Christians belong to one of the lowest untouchable castes, the so-called Dalits, who are particularly marginalized.

Gender is yet another obstacle: Girls are more disadvantaged than boys when it comes to nutrition, division of labor and education. They often have to marry young and are still unable to cope with a family of their own.

Young people, who despite all this, still go to school and try to get an education, are true pioneers.

Spendenaktion Incredible India - Frauen in Indien
Spendenaktion Incredible India der Pallottiner - Slum in Indien
Kinder in Indien

Despite all these obstacles, they fight for a better future – for themselves, their families and their society.

We support these pioneers with a two-year, advanced vocational training for 300 young people of all castes and religions, both girls and boys.

“The service to society that we provide with our work is great, even though it may appear to you in Europe only as a drop in the ocean,” says Father Joji Reddy SAC of the Pallottines in Amaravathi. His motivation is also never ending: “God is infinite love.” For me and all of us at the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, there is only one way to make the invisible God visible: directly through living acts of love!”

The Pallottine „Intermediate Course“ is therefore a way into a better future.

A hundred boys and girls of all religions and social classes, are going to take up the Pallottine course every year. However, the demand is far greater. In addition to scholastic abilities and work-based skills the young people will also receive training in practical life skills.

“This course is only a small step in the right direction, but it usually means a big change in the lives of these boys and girls. By changing their lives, we change society with them.”

Help us remove obstacles – support the young pioneers!

Männliche Schüler in Indien
Indische Schülerinnen mit Lehrer


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