Postulanten in Lilongwe (Malawi)

First Postulancy formation house in Malawi

Many young people feel they have a vocation

This year 2020, we the Pallottines have opened a Postulancy formation house in Malawi. It is for the first time in the history of the Pallottines to open a formation house in Malawi. The postulant master is Fr. Francis Gilbert Chibota who also comes from Malawi. There are six postulants in the house who come from different parts of Malawi.

The day starts with morning prayers and mass. After that, breakfast follows. In the Formation House we use a detailed timetable that helps to guide the students with daily activities. Most of the time is spent on classes. Every student has a responsibility in the house. For example, Animals and garden, entertainment and sports, Liturgy, kitchen, Manual work, hospitality and others.

Postulancy house is under construction in Kaphatika. We are currently renting a house in Lilongwe where we are doing Postulancy. We hope to go and continue in Kaphatika in January next year with a new set of postulants.

Text & Pictures: Fr Francis Chibota


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