„Entschieden Jünger werden, Entscheidungen treffen“

Becoming disciples

Candlemas meeting of the confreres under 60

“Determined to become disciples” – this motto can be read in two ways. It expresses not only the desire to become a determined disciple of Christ, but also the fact that a decision has already been made. And so the second part of the title of this year’s Candlemas meeting was: “Making Decisions”.

The explicit question at this meeting was how to set priorities for the whole Province. The last Provincial Assembly was also dedicated to the theme of how to set priorities successfully. In order to make good decisions, it is important to be familiar with the methods used. Under the guidance of moderator Andrea Schmid, the 25 or so participants learned about different strategies, such as the Quaker continuum, which breaks down a decision into its pros and cons.

Moderatorin beim Lichtmesstreffen der Pallottiner war Frau Andrea Schmid

“Deciding to be a disciple, making decisions”

The participants, all under the age of 60 and from all over the province, spent three days at the Pastoral Theological Institute in Friedberg, Germany, from 1 to 3 February, exchanging ideas and gaining inspiration for their daily lives. As last year, many confreres from Africa were present. On Candlemas Day, 2 February, the third profession of Brother Khanyisani Dlamini from South Africa was celebrated.

As the Sacred Heart Province is large and now includes African countries, the idea was born a few years ago to organise a meeting where, in addition to the official reports, votes and discussions of the Provincial Assembly, the main aim would be to meet each other.

Helmut Scharler, invited people for the first time at the beginning of his third term of office. It was on Candlemas Day, the 2nd of February, hence the name. The Fathers and Brothers do not take any decisions at these meetings, but they exchange views on a number of issues. This year, the Provincial, Fr Markus Hau, organised the meeting under the motto “Becoming disciples, making decisions”.

Lichtmess-Treffen der Pallottiner 2024
Lichtmess-Treffen der Pallottiner 2024
Motto „Entschieden Jünger werden, Entscheidungen treffen“

Report: Alexander Schweda
Pictures: Alexander Schweda; Fr Rainer Schneiders (profess)


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