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Pallottine parish prepares for mission month

We asked our confreres in Malawi how they and the local people are doing. Fr. Jones Wellos, who is in charge of our parish in Kaphatika, has now come forward with good news after the lockdown in Malawi.

At Kaphatika, life is coming back as it was frozen by the Corona virus. The parish environment is becoming a center of attraction for young boys and girls, they are coming in large numbers for different activities such as for instructions as altar boys and liturgical dances for girls. We have introduced sporting activities such as football and netball for them. We had a nice celebration at the occasion of the reception of our new priests ordained on July 11th.

We have been notified by the diocese that our parish has been chosen to host the 2020 mission Sunday national celebrations on October 18th, as it is a mission parish. At the moment, the parishioners are busy constructing the podium* for the celebration of the Eucharist and the bishop has accepted to administer the sacrament of confirmation as well. It will be the first confirmation after everything was suspended due to corona virus; we are grateful for this.

We shall open the mission month with the Eucharist on October 1st, presided over by the national director for the pontifical mission societies, the diocesan team shall be coming to Kaphatika twice a week to instruct the faithful about the Catholic faith until October 18th. We shall close the mission month on October 31st as well. Everybody is looking forward to some wonderful liturgical celebrations though there are fears about the podium not being ready in due time.

The former church in Kaphatika was too small and in need of renovation.
Newly renovated and enlarged: the new church of the Pallottine Parish in Kaphatika.
The podium should be ready by the time of the celebrations.
And the stage still has to get a roofing.

*Our “podium” is like a shelter, constructed on the ground with a stage and a roof, the sides are open, the stage is used for different activities and people stay in the open as well. In our case, we will use it for outside Mass in cases when we expect many people to come.

Update 01 October:

The pavilion was finished in time. The launch of the missionary month was a complete success. The Malawian television was on site.

World Mission Month Malawi
Kaphatika Diözese Lilognwe

Report & Images: Fr. Jones Wellos SAC


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