"Signs of the Time" provide Tasks for Christians

Founding Meeting of the Austrian Pallottine Unio

The constitutional meeting of the Austrian Unio took place on February 10th, 2019 at Johannes Schlössl in Salzburg, Austria.

Brigitte Proksch named Chairwoman

The following people where voted into the Austrian National Coordination Council: Gertrud Westmark UAC, P. Sascha Heinze SAC, Brigitte Proksch UAC (as chairwoman). Fr. Michael Pfenning, the Vice Provincial participated in the meeting, representing the Provincial Leadership and guiding the election. There were also guests represented at the meeting.

Spirituality in Accordance with Openness and Open-Mindedness

The afternoon event took off with a reflection on the central impulses from Vincent Pallotti’s spirituality: Infinity and universality – the immensity of God can only answer in openness and open-mindedness, a spirituality involving each and everyone of us and which is to be realized concretely. The inspiration of a global brotherhood of all human beings publicized by Francis of Assisi became a topic there.

Collecting the “Signs of the Time “

After that the group went on collecting the most important „signs of the time “, i.e. the affecting topics which could well become a task one way or the other. Fr. Schwarzfischer SAC briefly summarized the tradition of the Unio in Salzburg and the Cambio group based there.

Forming Networks

This step finally makes the Union of Catholic Apostolate in Austria an autonomous organization which can accept new members and form networks throughout Austria and the international ecclesiastical environment in a better way.


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