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A religious community of men, who dedicate their lives to God and humankind

We Pallottines are a religious community of men within the Catholic Church, who devote their lives to God and who mutually promise to lead a life in poverty and celibacy, in listening to God and to each other, to preserve in our vocations, and to fraternally share spiritual and earthly goods and to serve God and humankind.

We are a colorful and diverse community. Every confrere brings his God given talents (charism) to bear. Thus, we together seek a way to spread God’s word and his message of love amongst the people.


We were founded in the first half of the nineteenth century by the Roman priest Vincent Pallotti. The community of Pallottines – or, as we are officially called: Society of Catholic Apostolate (SAC) – is a central part of Pallotti’s even bigger vision: the Union of Catholic Apostolate (Unio), where men and woman, lay people, diocesan priests and religious join together, to “promote acts of love and mercy” (Pallotti).

Presence and Activity

Our place is in the midst of life. Our task is to bring God to awareness through our life, work and prayer. There are Pallottines in all parts of the world, in very different areas of life, lines of work and in very different situations. We share the belief that all Christians belong together as one church. Everybody received his or her individual calling from God – but only together are we the Church of Jesus Christ.

Like our founder, Saint Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850), we are convinced that God desires and loves every single human. That is why we try, within our various tasks, to help people succeed in life.


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