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We are St Joseph’s Delegature in South Africa. We are made up of 20 final professed members, 9 temporal professed and 9 novices. We are from South Africa, Germany, Nigeria and Malawi. I, Cosmas Onwukwe SAC, is the Delegate Superior with 3 other council members. We are in 3 provinces in the Country. Western Cape, in Oudsthoorn Diocese. This was the earliest presence of the Pallottines in South Africa. Many Pallottine missionaries founded parish missions and build almost all the church structures in the diocese. Presently we  only in one parish called St Vincent Pallotti Parish, Pacaltsdorp and we run a retreat center called Step-Aside. The Center provides a suitable environment for prayer, retreats, workshops and accommodation. it is the oldest and only Catholic center in the diocese

We are present in Eastern Cape Province, in Queenstown diocese. Here there have been also a long Pallottine presence with missionaries that founded many mission stations and made the diocese what it is today. Presently, have confreres in three parishes of the diocese. We have a farm and retreat center called Pallotti Farm Centre. it is a very big place divided into retreat, and accommodation center and large farm land, for mostly cattle and vegetables. The center can accommodate up to 300 people and has being famous for the lovely prayerful architectures around the whole space.

In KwazuluNatal Province we have a scholasticate in a place called Merrivale, which houses about 17 students with another part that is occupied by the postulance. the Students go to school at St Joseph’s Theological Institute Cedara, some 5km from Merrivale. They also get involve in charity and parish work.

From all these, one can see that our work in South Africa is around retreat center, helping the poor and pastoral activities. We opened another mission in Malawi this year and we are having a good dialogue with the Ash bishop of Lilongwe, as we try to find our feet in the place he gave us called Khapatikha

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