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Candlemas meeting of confreres under 60

Second Profession of African Confrere

The pastoral care of vocations was the focus of this year’s Candlemas meeting. At this traditional event of the Province, the confreres under 60 years of age meet every year around the Feast of Candlemas to exchange ideas and to receive new impulses for their daily life. This year, many confreres from Africa were also present.

On February 2, the second profession of Memela Khanyisani from South Africa, was celebrated together with those attending the Candlemas Celebration.

Translation: Steffi Wolf

Intensive Gruppenarbeit beim Lichtmesstreffen der Pallottiner 2023
Provinzial Pater Markus Hau SAC beim Lichtmesstreffen der Pallottiner 2023
Am 2. Februar wurde die zweite Profess von Memela Khanyisani aus Südafrika gefeiert
Gruppenbild vom Lichtmesstreffen der Pallottiner 2023 im bayerischen Friedberg.

Images: Br Bert Meyer


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