"Thanks for the Roof!“

Bishop Bruno Ateba gives thanks his Supporters

“Now we have a roof over our heads!” bishop Bruno Ateba from the North of Cameroon states gladly. That might sound romantic in the Europeans’ ear, but it used to be a nuisance for the big bishop’s parish in Maroua. “We used to have a bio cathedral!”, bishop Ateba jokes. “Throughout the past years, we only got shelter from the trees, as we were celebrating services. Due to the support from Germany and Austria, we now have a safe roof over our heads! I am really thankful to all supporters for that!”

Yet, the little cathedral of Maroua hasn’t been finished completely yet. Still there are two belfries missing and when it comes to the interior, only the bare necessities have been set up, for example windows and floor are still missing. Nevertheless, bishop Bruno was able to celebrate his first solemn service under his “roof”. It was at the end of June when seven young man were ordained priests by him.

Recently, a big lithic altar could be set up. The material for this came from Cameroon, like most of the crude material used during the building process. This connection to the region is of utmost important of the bishop who is a Cameroon native himself. Supporting local workforce is one of his major concerns.

At the moment, bishop Bruno Ateba is travelling around Germany, to tell the Pallottines and his benefactors about the construction process and to win further financial and spiritual support for his diocese.

Kathedrale von Maroua im Norden Kameruns
Auf der Baustelle geht es voran. Auch ohne Fenster oder Bodenbeläge gab es schon eine erste große Messe in der Kathedrale von Maroua.
"Wir haben ein Dach!"
"Wir haben jetzt ein Dach!" freut sich Bischof Bruno Ateba.
Altar mit Rohstoffen aus der Region
Das ist der neue Altar der Kathedrale von Maroua. Alle Rohstoffe stammen aus der Region.
Priester der Diözese Maroua-Makolo
Bischof Bruno Ateba inmitten seiner Diözesanpriester vom Bistum Maroua-Mokolo, ganz im wilden Norden Kameruns.
Begleitschutz für den Bischof
Wenn Bischof Ateba die Pfarrgemeinden an der Grenze zu Nigeria besucht, benötigt er massiven Begleitschutz. Die islamistische Terrororganisation Boko Haram verschleppt hier immer wieder katholische Priester.

Report: Josef Eberhard
Images: Bischof Bruno Ateba SAC
Translation: Stefanie Ettenberger


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