Becoming a Pallottine – vocations ministry

Living differently

We live differently. Rooted in faith, we live in ‘local communities’, free from the common and daily consumer needs and partnership commitments of our society. Our communities are places where a different life becomes possible for us.

In this way, we remain on our search for God, who is infinite love, open to new ideas, open for encounters and open for a radical discipleship.

Berufungspastoral Pallottiner werden - Anderorte
Berufungspastoral - Pallottiner werden


Berufungspastoral Pallottiner - Mitleben

We are constantly on the move in our vocation and our ministry. Therefore it is good, on arriving home, to be able close your door.

At the same time, it is also good to pray, eat and celebrate together. It is good when you can knock on someone’s door or if the confreres are already waiting for you. Therefore, none of us needs to be alone or fight for themselves.

We do not live in cloistered isolation, which means we welcome guests. At the same time, it is also good if our communities do not become beehives,, but provide space for contemplation, the renewal of strength and conversation.

Abundant Life

We share in the life of others. We encounter God in our neighbour. Our way of life, our community, provides space for manifold charisms. Despite our diversity, we are united by Vincent Pallotti’s legacy and the all-embracing, infinitely loving God.

We have opened wide the doors and windows of our church. We look to the margins of our world and society   and seek out God’s presence where it is not apparent – in thoughtfulness, disorientation, pain, suffering and distress. We encourage one another in everyday encounters and through our projects and inspire each other for God’s kingdom on earth.

Berufungspastoral Pallottiner - Gutes Leben


Berufungspastoral Pallottiner - Gerufen

We listen to God’s call. We feel called to place ourselves at the service of the community. We give our enthusiasm, our ideas, our hopes, and our love for creation and its sometimes maddening, but endearing, people.

Together with our brothers and sisters in the Pallottine communities, we want to change the world, to make God’s love visible, to strengthen the faith in his love and ignite the joy of a fulfilling life – for all. We want to engage Christians and others to work together to achieve justice, peace and the care of creation.

Feuer entzünden

Berufungspastoral Pallottiner - Brennen

Wir sorgen uns gegenseitig darum, dass wir in uns die Flamme am Brennen halten. „Immer zu Zweit“, übernehmen wir unsere Aufgabe in Kirche und Welt.

Unermüdlich wollen wir Gottes Liebe weitertragen, bis das Feuer der Liebe alle Menschen erfasst.

Herzlich willkommen

Berufungspastoral Pallottiner - Pallottis Erben

Wir sind Pallottis Erben. Bereit, die Identität unserer Kirche, für die Gegenwart und Zukunft, immer wieder neu zu entdecken. Gott, die Liebe, im Alltag zu suchen und sichtbar zu machen. Das klingt einfach, ja banal, ist es aber nicht.
Wir wollen immer wieder aufbrechen. Aus unseren Grenzen und Beschränktheiten, zu den „Rändern der Welt-Gesellschaft“. Hand in Hand, mit Arm und Reich, mit Jung und Alt, mit Christen und allen anderen Menschen guten Willens. Im Vertrauen auf Gottes reichen Segen.

Noch Fragen?

Pallottiner Pater Christoph Lentz

Wir stehen gerne Rede und Antwort!

Pater Christoph Lentz SAC
Beauftragter für die Berufungspastoral bei den Pallottinern

Vinzenz-Pallotti Str. 14
86316 Friedberg


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